stand de motociclete pentru aliniere roata - 6

Stand de motociclete pentru aliniere roata - 6

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Brasov, Brasov

material otel special de scule
the stand is intended mainly for use in motorbike repair services and for home users
the stand has a spirit level for setting in a horizontal position
it enables radial control of the rim position with a sensor
Geometria calibrului de reglare asigura un control axial simultan pentru acuratețea reglării rotii
The stand enables fixing of cones to the axis that enable the centering of the wheel on its own bearings, thus preventing the possibility of centering errors.
it has two positions for setting columns regarding the width of the hub
the rotation of the axis on external bearings enables centering on the standard method
Wheels with dimensions 19 to max 32 inches can be centered.
for axis dimensions of 12 to 36 mm

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